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The future will be an era of global competition, and successful companies will be companies that adopt new corporate culture and new cultural marketing strategies


—Lawrence Miller

Jinyun culture is the action guideline summed up by Jinyun people in long-term practical business activities and becomes the highest code of conduct for Jinyun people. Jinyun culture draws on the essence of traditional Chinese Taoist culture, advocates integrity and generosity, and at the same time fully digests The connotation of western rule culture emphasizes the process and norms, and gradually formed a cultural ecosystem with the characteristics of gold transportation.

Jinyun culture is a practical and successful law summed up by Jinyun people through production and operation activities. It is not conceived out of thin air. Its content has the characteristics of training and sharing. It is a philosophy of life and life for everyone who desires success. A kind of attitude, she includes the generosity culture of the hundred rivers and the shared culture of seeking common ground while reserving differences, which is a different culture different from other enterprises.


Jinyun Culture has established a user-oriented corporate culture, starting from the interests of users, tapping the hidden needs of users, providing users with services that exceed their expected values ​​in multiple fields and in multiple dimensions. The Jinyun culture is a feast of our thoughts, guiding the direction of our lives, inspiring our confidence in forging ahead, regulating and restricting our behaviors, bringing us together on the same platform, and constantly displaying our wisdom and talents. This user-oriented delivery of values ​​allows users to feel the quality and service of the company and gives customers a sense of respect.

Jinyun's core values: integrity, pragmatism, rigorous execution

Interpretation: The core values ​​are the ultimate beliefs possessed by the Jinyun people. It is the criterion to solve the internal and external contradictions in the development of the enterprise. It changes or affects the survival position of the enterprise. It is the only constant management philosophy in the development of the enterprise.

Integrity is an attitude of Jinyun people to life and an attitude to customers. Integrity is the cornerstone of our follow-up work. Only by adhering to this idea will you understand the importance of integrity. Integrity is also the right of Jinyun people. An interpretation of behavior is the essence of Jinyun's core values.

Pragmatism is an attitude of Jinyun people to work, and an interpretation of work. We must always warn us not to be impetuous, not to advertise, to do what we can, not to dream, not to dream, to do things practically Be down-to-earth.

Strictness is an attitude of the Jinyun people towards life and a philosophy of doing things. Strictness constantly urges us to pay attention to details and remember to be careless and detailed, while emphasizing that simple things should be repeated well, and complex things should be done well. For simplicity), remember to be frizzy and maintain a peaceful state of mind.

Execution is an interpretation of Jinyun ’s behavior. It analyzes Jinyun ’s behavior style. Jinyun believes that only the unity of knowledge and action is the talent of an excellent person. All ideas, concepts, consciousness and systems are ultimately reflected in Execution, otherwise it is empty talk and speculation, so Jinyun people think that the essence of the development of everything is execution, and execution is Jinyun's unremitting power and source of future competition.


Jinyun spirit: excellence pursuit, self-surpass

Gold operation style: resolutely implement, act immediately

Innovative concept: customer needs are the subject of our innovation

Marketing philosophy: Customers are always right, even if they are wrong, they must be handled in the right way

After-sale concept: Jinyun Yacht, travel with confidence

Design concept: tap the hidden needs of customers and make trend-leading products

Management philosophy: perfect in execution, let data become the basis for decision

Quality concept: to achieve "zero defect" in product manufacturing process

Production concept: Strengthening process control and sticking to the next process is our end user's concept

Cost concept: doing it right at one time is the most economical method

Environmental protection concept: increase investment in R & D and be a sustainable enterprise


Interpretation of Jinyun trademark:

1. The Jinyun logo is divided into Chinese Jinyun and English goldluck. These two signs are based on the blue of the sea. They fully show the Taoist culture of the Jinyun people who have hundreds of rivers and generosity, and also show the face of Jinyun. The world of disputes can be faced with the ordinary state of mind that is peaceful and far-reaching, calm and profound.

2. The meaning of trademark:

a. The word "Jin" interprets the Jinyun people's longing for a better life, bold and outstanding, never give up, climb the peak, and persevere in the culture of endless struggle;

b The word "luck" expresses the symbiotic shared culture of Jinyun people who are good at capturing opportunities, creating opportunities, observing calmly, being brave in innovation, fair competition, and excellent development.

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