Imagine that you were in a “flying saucer” docked along the coast and watching the beautiful scenery through the window. It was like a luxurious villa with large living-room, spacious bedroom, comfortable children’s room... You can enjoy all these from the view lobby on the top floor.Reflected by whirling coconut palms, all colorful Southeast style high-end residence community, upscale villa and high grade hotel and resort along the shore make people fascinated for their amorous feelings. However, by retreating away from the world, we are enchanted with the unique life without being disturbed. That kind of feeling of freedom, comfort and stimulation can be scarcely expressed in words. 

Gathering with the family and friends at dusk and looking out to the sunset that lingers on the sea, we enjoy the relaxed and beautiful melody while chatting and drinking tea. Everything seems to be quiet. We are deeply embraced by harmony and happiness in the “flying saucer” just like in paradise. By this moment that not only makes the expanse of water no longer still, but makes us warm in heart, how can we not be attracted?


(One)Product survey

  The most innovative "flying saucer" type floating structure

Exclusive technology, exclusive production and sale
The utility model can be used as an individual yacht or a combination to form a water amusement park



(Two)External picture


 The new recreational cultural activities in the river, lake and sea meet the needs of people close to natural needs





(Three)Internal picture







Buoyancy Perfect hotel
The unique design of flying saucer shaped

Recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, diving, etc.

View water window

Mold of products

With movable outboard engine

Using FRP material, use for more than 50 years







Houseboat 570

diameter    5.7M
The measure of area    About 16 square meters
inside    Equipped with high-end interior
apply    Romantic or family type

Houseboat 920

diameter    9.2M
The measure of area    About 50 square meters
inside    Equipped with high-end interior
apply    1~2 family type

Houseboat 1425

diameter    14.25M
The measure of area    About 402 square meters
inside    Equipped with high-end interior Multi function hall (including coffee shop, western restaurant, performing arts hall)



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