Celebrate the success of the golden yacht's 23 foot fishing boat trial!
  The JY-230 model yacht at Golden yacht Co., Ltd., Weihai, was successfully tested in Shandong, Weihai and Beihai for the first time in March 17, 2014!   On the same day, the sea wind reached 6-7, J
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Golden yacht 2016 Shanghai international yacht exhibition successfully concluded
  On the afternoon of April 10th, the twenty-first China International Boat and its technology equipment exhibition and China (Shanghai) international yacht exhibition took place in Shanghai Expo 2016
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Golden boat JY-230 debut 2014 China Weihai spring fishing gear Exhibition
  I. company participation   Weihai golden yacht Co., Ltd. "golden yacht project" in the 2014 China Weihai spring fishing gear and Accessories Expo debut.   Our company will launch JY-230 fishing bo
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Golden boat exhibition closed successfully!
  Weihai golden transport yacht Co., Ltd. took JY-230 fishing boat to participate in Weihai spring fishing gear Exhibition on April 11, 2014 -14. The exhibition mainly for fishing enthusiasts do bette
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Jinyun yacht in the 2014 China (Yantai) and fishing boats and outdoor supplies exhibition
  I. company participation   Weihai Jinyun Yacht Company Limited will be held May 2014 9-11 in Yantai International Expo Center to participate in the "Chinese (Yantai) International fishing tackle, B
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Golden boat Yantai exhibition successfully concluded!
  2014 China (Yantai) International fishing tackle, boats and outdoor supplies exhibition in Yantai International Expo Center, Weihai Jinyun yacht classic JY-230 ship carrying fishing boats to partici
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Golden boat takes part in the 2014 Qingdao International Boat Show
  I. company participation   Weihai golden boat will be held on May 2014, 30-6, 1 in Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center in the Eleventh China (Qingdao) International Boat exhibition, golden boat is locat
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Weihai gold boat sailing water experience fiery opening
  I. activities of the company   Strong demand for our fishing friends, Weihai Jinyun yacht company, held water experience activities in Weihai Beihai in June 21, 2014, the company will bring three f
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"Weihai golden boat water experience" a complete success
  The beautiful coastal garden city Weihai, flower streets, shady trees, quiet and clean environment, making it one of the most livable city Chinese. The Sino Japanese War of 1894 enabled Weihai to be
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JY-190 recreational sports boat picture appreciation
  Concentration is the essence, JY-190 leisure sports boat exquisite workmanship, high speed, flexible and flexible, is an entry-level yacht, but also a dynamic sense of super high speed boat. Navigat
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JY-230 recreational sports boat picture appreciation
  JY-230 recreational fishing boats   This is a linear, plump and smooth, wide recreational fishing boat. The whole ship is made of glass fiber reinforced material, with high structural strength, exc
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South Korean technology experts visit, the golden boat opened a new wave of technological innovation
  In July 26, 2014, the Korean Master Marine yacht company, two senior yacht engineer, to Weihai golden boat Co., Ltd. for technical exchanges and guidance. The exchange lasted seven days, greatly imp
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