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Some general information for Mercury outboard users

Each engine is equipped with an exhaust emission certificate placard, which indicates the exhaust emission level and the engine performance parameters (technical specifications) directly related to the emission.


The safety knowledge that you must know when riding a yacht

It's time for another day of yachting ~ for the safety and happiness of your journey at sea, before you prepare to open the yacht at sea, to give you some safety advice, be sure to read carefully.


How to choose the right private luxury yacht for you

Regarding the choice of your own private yacht, the first thing to consider is the driving performance of this yacht, as well as the speed range, maximum range number and safety performance of the yacht. Also for the comfort of the private luxury yacht, the interior decoration,


Sea fishing tips for five different types of sea fishing

It is fishing on the rocks or reefs protruding from the water surface, which is more dangerous, but it is full of excitement and can sharpen one's will and temperament. Around the rocks and reefs, there are abundant aquatic plants and animals, which are the paths for various migratory fish to seek bait and spawn.


The boating culture etiquette you must not know

First of all, the boarding of the ship, the boarder must obtain the consent of the captain (ship owner) before boarding, if you rashly board the ship, you may be regarded as undesirable people and be thrown off the ship.


Yachting Basics

Yacht, is a kind of water recreation with advanced consumer durables. It combines the functions of navigation, sports, entertainment and leisure in one, to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life. In developed countries, yachts like cars are mostly privately owned, while in developing countries, yachts are mostly used as parks, tourist attractions for people to consume business projects, a small number of also as a port supervision, border control means of work.


Common host propulsion methods for yachts

There are four common ways of propulsion for yachts, namely inboard engine, outboard engine, inboard and outboard engine and water jet propulsion engine, different types are applied to different yachts.


Preparation before the yacht sails

1, start to check the navigation equipment, including the rudder, GPS, radar, AIS, various communication equipment, testers, etc., to ensure that all equipment can be used normally.


How to maintain the interior of a private yacht?

Carpets in the cabin should be vacuumed and cleaned once a week and professionally cleaned every six months to remove bacteria, dust, and food residue, stains, etc.


How do I moor my private yacht?

Nowadays, before buying a yacht, Chinese people have to consider what to do with the yacht after they own it. The mooring of yachts can be divided into two types: land mooring and water mooring, each with its own characteristics and advantages, and you can choose according to your needs. On-water mooring is mostly located in the yacht harbor or some of the better environment of the leisure fishing harbor in the boat seat berth


How to transport a private yacht?

The transportation and lifting of yachts is a very important part, and is also the most accident-prone part, and there are many big incidents, which should not be taken lightly.

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