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  China network August 30th news reporter from the Qiandao Lake tourist resort was informed that the 2013 session of the fourth Chinese, the Yangtze River Delta International Sports Leisure Products E
  Xinhuanet.com Chongqing channel in August 29, (Wang Longbo) the annual Mid Autumn Festival, you and your family are going? This year, the people of Chongqing have a new choice, dozens of domestic an
  After six months of careful preparation and promotion, in 2014, agile Hainan Clear Water Bay International Yacht Expo, at 11:00 on January 2, 2014 grand opening.   The event will be from January 2n
  Yacht: Top sunrise industry   Yacht industry has gradually entered the new class life. According to official data, there are more than 24 cities in China holding yacht shows, more than 80 yacht clu
  Successful closing of the nineteenth China (Shanghai) international yacht exhibition   April 10, 2014, enjoy the "Asian industry chain Flagship Exhibition" reputation of the nineteenth session of C
  2014 trends in China's yacht industry from the Shanghai International Yacht Show   Industry investment will be a trend now   In 2014, the yacht market is no longer a foreign brand led situation, t
游艇,是一种水上娱乐用高级耐用消费品。它集航海、运动、娱乐、休闲等功能于一体,满足个人及家庭享受生活的需要。在发达国家,游艇像轿车一样多为私人拥有,而在发展中国家,游艇多作为公园、旅游景点的经营项目供人们消费,少量也作为港监、公安、边防的工作手段。游艇是一种娱乐工具这一本质特征,使它区别于作为运输工具的高速船和旅游客船。游艇将会和汽车一样,成为进入家庭的下一代耐用消费品。  游艇展会是游艇经济的一
  In January 18, 2016, the Shandong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department audit identified, Weihai Jinyun Yacht Company Limited as "Shandong province leisure fishing boats R & D and manufacturing
  2016 China (Shanghai) the twenty-first international boat equipment exhibition is coming this month, landing in Shanghai, Shanghai more than 20 mainstream media editor and industry leaders gathered
  Fourth 2017 Weihai spring fishing gear Fair   Please visit   I. company participation   This season's fair, the gold boat show fishing boats, in addition to the classic paragraph, hot money, ther
  The second China Shenzhen bay international yacht exhibition   Opening ceremony of China Shenzhen Bay Yacht Trading Center   I. project background   Construction and vigorously promote marine cul
According to CNBC reports, the ship owner of the mysterious super luxury yacht is global wealthy Saudi prince Alwaleed (Saudi Prince Alwaleed), in addition to the "Azam" (Azzam) yacht, Saudi prince al
  James Roy, the design director of the yacht, believes that "Utopia" is a challenge to the traditional shipbuilding industry. In the past, our design of "the future" always contained elements of the
  At the end of 2013, held in Shanghai China (Shanghai) Summit International Yacht exhibition industry, Ferretti, Sunseeker, Beneteau, Jia Hao, red, blue ocean yacht yacht, hiSoft bahrfuss yachts, etc
  In May 22, 2014, Qingdao held the twelfth China International Maritime exposition and the Qingdao International Boat Show press conference. As one of the exhibition in Qingdao focus on supporting th

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