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Yacht Basics [ 2014-02-07 ]
I. Introduction Yacht is a highly durable consumer goods for aquatic entertainment. It integrates navigation, sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions, to meet the needs of individuals and f
First of all, the embarkation, the embarkation must obtain the consent of the captain (the shipowner) before boarding, and if you rush to board, you may be regarded as an unwelcome person and get off
Rock fishing It is fishing on rocks or reefs on the surface of the water. It is dangerous, but it can very well train people's will and temperament, and they are full of stimulation. Rocky Mountains a
Common host yacht propulsion mode pay attention to the following four ways, namely, outboard and inboard engine sterndrive engines and jet propulsion machine, different types of application in differe
1, start the inspection of navigation equipment, including the rudder, GPS, radar, AIS, communications equipment, testing instruments, etc., to ensure that all equipment can be used properly.
Carpet The carpet in the cabin should be vacuumed and cleaned every week and professionally cleaned every six months to remove bacteria, dust, food residue, stains, etc.. furniture
Now Chinese people should consider how to deal with yachts before they buy yachts The berthing of yachts can be divided into two types: Land placing and water berthing. Each has its own characteristic
arding the choice of your own yacht, the first thing to consider is the driving performance of the yacht, as well as the speed range, maximum range and safety performance of the yacht. At the same tim
And lifting yacht transport is a very important link, is also a part of most of the accident, and former residence of many important events. Private yacht lifting
Also to the yacht to the sea days ~ Golden yacht for your voyage of safety and pleasure, in your preparation to open the yacht before sailing, give you some safety advice, must read carefully. [yacht
The boat owner / driver shall maintain the engine to ensure that the exhaust emission level meets the standards specified in the certificate. The boat owner / driver shall not modify the engine in any
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