Pilot yacht: talk about the general knowledge of pilot yacht maintenance

Now with the development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life, the pleasure boat began to gradually into the life of the people. The following Golden Fortune Yachts will introduce the general knowledge of the maintenance of the pilot yacht specifically.

1、Use the appropriate viscosity grade of lubricant

The gasoline engine should be used according to the conditions of use API SM/CF/GF-4, SL/CF/CF-3 level of pure gasoline engine oil; diesel engine should be used according to the mechanical load API CI-4/SL, CH-4/SL level of pure diesel engine oil, the selection standard is not lower than the requirements of the engine manufacturer shall prevail.

2, pilot yacht regular replacement of oil and filter

Any quality level of lubricating oil in the process of using the oil quality will be changed. Pilot yacht to a certain mileage, in order to avoid the occurrence of failure, should be combined with the use of the conditions of regular oil changes, and the use of moderate amount of oil. The oil passes through the fine holes of the filter to accumulate solid particles and sticky substances in the oil in the filter.



3, pilot yacht regular cleaning fuel system

Fuel in the process of combustion through the oil circuit to the combustion chamber, will inevitably form gum and carbon, deposited in the oil channel and injector and combustion chamber, interfering with the flow of fuel, destroy the normal air-fuel ratio, so that poor fuel atomization, resulting in engine shudder, explosive vibration, unstable idle speed, poor acceleration and other performance problems. Regular cleaning of the pilot yacht fuel system, control the generation of carbon, can always maintain the normal state of the engine.

4, pilot yacht regular hull deck maintenance

Pilot yacht should be cleaned regularly: the surface of the boat should be kept clean, and the deck should be cleaned regularly. The surface stained by oil and other things can be cleaned with ordinary household cleaners, not with more corrosive solvents, and not with decontamination powder, metal wire scrubbing, so as not to leave scratches, affecting the beauty. If the stain is difficult to remove, available gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, as well as styrene, acetone and other cleaning, but after washing must be immediately rinsed with water to prevent intrusion into the structure of the interior.

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