Domestic fiberglass fishing boats: Golden Fortune Yachts talk about domestic fiberglass fishing boat maintenance details

Proper maintenance of domestic fiberglass fishing boats can not only maintain the beautiful appearance of domestic fiberglass fishing boats, but also effectively extend the service life of domestic fiberglass fishing boats. The following follow JinYun yacht together with specific understanding.

Fiberglass boats in the process of leaning away from the dock and shore embankment, and the shore stones, concrete structures and metal components friction collision will cause damage to the surface of the hull, such as scratches, wear gel coat layer, etc.. Therefore, preventive measures should be taken to minimize the damage to the surface of the hull. The simple way is to set up anti-collision and wear-resistant soft rubber fenders in the part of hull that is easy to be damaged; special touch pads are set up between the ship's side and the pier to prevent the direct rubbing between the ship and the pier caused by the wave heave.


FRP has a certain water absorption, although the water absorption rate is low, but a small amount of water seeping into the interior along the tiny channels of the glass fiber and resin interface is enough to make a significant drop in FRP boat hull strength. Moreover, the FRP boat skeleton is mostly made of wood core and FRP layers, the water in the bilge that has not been cleaned will be absorbed by the wood core, and the wood is easy to rot in the semi-dry and semi-wet environment for a long time, which will affect the strength and reliability of the skeleton and greatly reduce the service life of the boat. In cold weather, the water that penetrates into the main FRP material and wood core will freeze, and due to the freezing and swelling effect, it may also cause the expansion of tiny pores, resulting in fiber delamination, so we must pay attention to the problem of water in the bilge and remove the water in the bilge in time.

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