How to maintain the engine of business boats?

For business yachts, the engine is like the heart. The heart is the pacemaker of all human functions, and only when the engine functions normally, the yacht can run normally. For the engine, the oil is the blood of the working yacht, and the water is like the water in the human body, whether the water temperature is appropriate directly affects the engine work, and the oil is also directly affected by the degree of lubrication in the engine.

The work of the yacht engine must be regularly tested and replaced by water and oil. The body of grease in the blood vessel deposits will cause cardiovascular disease, and if the engine does not regularly change the oil, open the engine will be found in which there are many thick grease like tar. The grease is due to frequent oil changes caused by oil degradation and oxidation, or the quality of the oil is not good.

The anti-oxidant added too little, resulting in greasy adhesion on the engine, forming a kind of "oil calcium", causing serious wear and tear of the engine, the loss of lubrication of the engine is easy to "bite" resulting in the yacht anchored. Therefore, the engine is generally maintained and maintained according to the number of hours specified by the manufacturer.

Maintenance of business boats:

1. When the engine is running in the water, after use, it should be immediately flushed with water and wiped dry. Flush the cooling water channels with water to prevent clogging with sediment. Spray the surfaces that may rust with anti-rust paint.

2. Wash the engine regularly with soapy water, and then apply a layer of car wax.

3. When using in seawater or salty water, increase the anti-corrosion anode block to protect the working yacht and the machine.

4. When mooring for a long time, the gear box should be lifted out of the water. When moving from the business boat, the engine should be placed in a vertical position until the water in the cooling system is drained. When moored in cold weather, the gearbox should be submerged in water at all times. When lifting above the water, special attention should be paid to freeze protection. To avoid difficulties in starting the engine again, do not start the engine after removing the fuel line or use up all the gasoline in the engine.

5. The condition of the bottom of the boat can directly affect the speed of the boat. The bottom of the boat should be cleaned regularly to keep the surface of the bottom clean.

6.When the boat is not used for a long time, it should be put in a suitable place or on the boat frame after the water in the cooling system is completely drained. When storing, do not place the gear box in a position higher than the head, otherwise any remaining water left in the exhaust jacket can back up into the cylinder and cause serious damage.

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