The 3rd Taiwan International Boat Show 2018

The 3rd Taiwan International Boat Show 2018

Exhibition time: March 15 (Thu) to 18 (Sun), 2018, 4 days in total

Exhibition Venue: Kaohsiung Exhibition Hall, Taiwan (No. 39, Chenggong 2nd Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City)

Exhibition scale: 1,000 booths on land (including indoor and outdoor) and water berths

Exhibition area: Yacht display area, surrounding spare parts area, water rest area, marine service area, foreign business area, boutique area, water display area, outdoor life style area

Exhibits: all kinds of yachts, sailing boats, power boats, related machinery, power equipment and spare parts, ship inspection, design, transportation services, guild services, water sports, leisure and tourism, all kinds of high-quality goods for companies visiting the exhibition in Taiwan

Exhibition Introduction:

In May 2014, the first Taiwan International Boat Show gathered in Kaohsiung, all kinds of high-end yachts, ships, and all kinds of marine products were presented. There were 168 exhibitors with 861 booths and 19,780 square meters of exhibition space.

The 2nd Taiwan International Boat Show 2016 is planned to have seven exhibition areas: yachts and various vessels, related machinery/power equipment and spare parts, water sports/leisure, repair services, international exhibition area, luxury exhibition area, water display (marina area), with an estimated 1,000 booths; the outdoor and water exhibition area is expected to have 20,250 square meters.


This is the third edition of the show, with more than 1,000 booths and water berths planned. In order to present the best image of Taiwan as the "Kingdom of Yachting", the show will showcase quality products and professional services covering all aspects of yachting and related industries, and is expected to be the best trading platform for buyers from all over the world to make purchases in the Asian region.

Taiwan is located at the hub of the Asia Pacific region, with the north to Korea and Japan, the south to Hong Kong and the Philippines, and the northwest to China, making it the main gateway and springboard to China and the Asian regional market. Taiwan's yachting industry originated in the north and moved to the south in the 1970s. Southern Taiwan has the advantages of a tropical climate, a large labor market, stable and proximate sources of steel and metal supply, and easy access to port and airport facilities. Kaohsiung, the largest city in Southern Taiwan, is home to more than 50% of Taiwan's yacht manufacturers, making it the largest yacht colony in Taiwan and contributing 70% of the yacht industry's output. Kaohsiung City is located in the southwest of Taiwan Province, choking the southern mouth of the Taiwan Strait, and is the sea gate of southern Taiwan. Clockwise, it is adjacent to Tainan City, Chiayi County, Nantou County, Hualien County, Taitung County and Pingtung County. It covers an area of 2,947 square kilometers. At present, the central and local governments of Taiwan are vigorously developing the Kaohsiung yacht colony, putting a lot of resources into the "South Star Project" and setting up a special "yacht industry zone" in the newly developed 100 hectares of reclaimed land, integrating the upstream, midstream and downstream manufacturers of the industry. Its complete supply chain, ideal professional large yacht production environment, will be more effective in shortening the delivery time and promoting production efficiency.

According to Marine Director Lin Yingbin, the most important feature of this year's show is that visitors will not only be able to see the yachts, but also have the opportunity to sail on a yacht or sailboat to experience the pleasure of sailing the sea.

We look forward to your participation in this unmissable yachting event, the door to the Asian and world markets will be open for you soon!

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