For love --- The sea fishing boat that never sinks


When choosing a fishing boat, not only should you be satisfied with the appearance, performance and comfort, but the price should also be affordable in order to be preferred.

Golden Fortune Yachts, born for love, enjoy extraordinary quality and exceed your expectations.

Safety ---- is a cut above the rest

The sea fishing boat that never sinks, the hull adopts new technology and new materials to improve the structural strength of the ship while making the buoyancy more than 1.5 times its own weight, ensuring that the ship remains safely afloat even when overloaded and encountering collisions, big waves, squeezing and other adverse conditions.

Let the long-awaited relatives no longer worry about you when you go sailing.

High speed ---- is faster than others

The innovative design of the pressure wave bow can still glide smoothly in the wind and waves, and the sailing speed with the same power is more than 20% of the same size boat, with extremely fast starting speed, mid-range acceleration and incomparable top speed, saving you precious time.

Let you return to your loved ones in a flash after a full catch.

Energy saving ---- is better than others

The innovative structure and optimized hull line minimize the vessel's resistance and improve the vessel's propulsion efficiency; the excellent navigation performance, flexible maneuvering and high gliding efficiency can greatly save fuel consumption while increasing the speed.

Let you go fishing at sea to save your heart, energy and money to become a breeze.



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