10 trends in China's yachting industry from the Shanghai International Boat Show 2014

10 trends in China's yachting industry from the Shanghai International Boat Show 2014

Industry investment will be the trend

In 2014, the yacht market has long been dominated by foreign brands, and the capital cooperation between Chinese enterprises and the international yacht industry has only just begun, a trend that is expected to be further strengthened in 2014. The growth of the yacht economy is increasingly affirmed by all levels of society, coupled with the obvious "demonstration effect" of several heavyweight and structural actions, Chinese enterprises may enter the yacht industry through overseas mergers and acquisitions, and financial capital from all sides will compete for the whole yacht industry chain, leading to sufficient opportunities for future development.

Cross-region sailing put into practice

With the issuance of policy dividends such as the Free Trade Zone, Shanghai's city level has been further pushed up, and the Shanghai Maritime Bureau is exploring the establishment of a "yacht free day program", the implementation of which has been a hot spot for the industry. Who can be the first city allowed to carry out the yacht "free day", once became the focus of attention of the yachting industry. Although there is still a long way to go before it is put into practice, it is only a matter of time. 2014, the free day of the river for Shanghai yachts, we will wait and see.

Marina berth greatly increased

Marina is the development of the yacht economy can not get around the topic. The popularity of marinas will help reduce the cost of berthing and use of yachts, and will play an indispensable role in promoting water leisure activities for yachts and developing the yacht economy. Now the country has nearly 90 marinas under construction, only Shanghai accounts for 10, and covers the major latitudes of rivers, lakes and seas, for the Shenzhou play boat has added a wide range of fun.

Yachting taxes and fees have been loosened

Although the yacht industry has not achieved a substantive response to the relevant tax adjustment proposals, but has attracted the attention of the government level, the adjustment of yacht tax is bound to be a complex process, such as the first from the scope of the levy, the original length of more than 8 meters, less than 90 meters of power boats, as well as sailboats and motor boats for more specific, clear classification, as well as sailboats and motor boats for the standard More specific and clear grading, in accordance with the grade to implement different levy tax rates.

Energy-saving and environmental protection technology requirements increased

In line with the development trend of a low-carbon society, yacht manufacturers will sometimes consider the energy-saving and environmental protection requirements of boat owners. At this year's exhibition, there is Yangfan Yachts launched China's first all-carbon fiber yacht both fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. With the improvement of energy-saving and environmental protection technology requirements, the power choice of future yachts will be diversified, including the use of solar and electric propulsion methods, the extensive use of noise reduction materials, the installation of fuel-saving devices, etc. Many old Italian brand owners also launched, oil and electric hybrid hull for environmental protection and energy saving help.

Diversification of boat purchase mode

Red Double Happiness also launched a corresponding "partnership to buy a boat" initiative this year, and BaFuji's joint membership system to buy a boat at this year's Shanghai International Boat Show attracted a large number of visitors to consult. More and more new models of boat purchase and consumption are emerging in Shanghai, allowing boat resources to be maximized and boat buyers to change from simple "asset ownership" to "boat enjoyment".

Regatta drives the popularity of sailing

This year, the award ceremony of the 7th Shanghai Charity Regatta was also held at the Shanghai International Boat Show. The sailing events held will become a "standard" in the yachting industry. Recruiting and forming their own sailing teams to compete in major domestic races, including private organizations, government support, regional and international events are attracting attention from all walks of life and have become the most important means for yacht clubs to enhance their popularity and influence. In coastal areas, sailing courses will gradually enter the classroom, widely loved by young people.

The emergence of yacht resort complexes

In some coastal cities, yachts have quietly become a carrier of tourism upgrade, and tourism resort complexes with yachts as the theme will soon appear, with a significant trend of time-share. Yachting enterprises participate in the construction of tourism and leisure resorts, including many leisure services facilities related to yachts. Such large yacht resort complexes will form a complete seaside tourism resort landscape system, which can better provide sea entertainment and high-end leisure services for yacht consumers.

Rapid rise of sea fishing activities

The exhibition held professional forums such as the 19th China International High Performance Boat Academic Report. There was also the 2014 China International Forum on the Development of Yachting and Waterfront Leisure Industry, where "leisure fishing" was repeatedly mentioned in the boom of local government's vigorous development of marine economy. Wuxi East, Qiaohe and other professional fishing boats have also been ordered. The coastal areas of the country have formed a large-scale group of sea fishing enthusiasts, and various fishing tournaments are often held in offshore and lake areas. In the yacht life lack of rich Chinese flavor content, sea fishing is undoubtedly the most potential to promote a leisure way, become the first choice of many young people to contact the yacht.

Yachting industry talent professionalization

For the yacht industry needs a large number of professional sales and maintenance services and other talents, yacht broker, yacht maintenance division and other professional skills training and job certification in due course. This provides the necessary conditions for yacht practitioners to be licensed, seek promotion and employment access. Yacht clubs jointly carry out professional manager training to develop new channels for the cultivation of business talent. In the future, the development of the yacht economy will make the talent in the yacht industry more and more professional.

--from the official website of Shanghai International Boat Show

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