The boating culture etiquette you must not know

First of all, the boarding of the ship, the boarder must obtain the consent of the captain (ship owner) before boarding, if you rashly board the ship, you may be regarded as undesirable people and be thrown off the ship. There is a story that in 1704, a Scottish sailor, Selkirk, argued with the captain at sea and was abandoned by the captain on a deserted island, and was rescued back to England four years later. This story caused a sensation and also attracted the attention of writers, one of them named Defoe wrote a novel called "Robinson Crusoe" for this purpose. I emphasize this point is essential for the guests to respect the host territory.

Next to the dress code, sailing is not a fashion show, even if the private yacht is luxurious, ultimately not a super cruise. Unless the owner states that it is a special dressing scene for the sunset evening discretion, dress is still comfortable and light, high heels and expensive diamond ornaments can be avoided. This way, you won't scratch the high grade wood or synthetic fiber of the yacht deck, and you can protect yourself from slipping and falling. Lightweight leather soled shoes, tarpaulin soled loafers, and coin pocket loafers are the best choices, as it shows that you have an extremely gentlemanly or ladylike fashion sense on board.

There is also a very important reminder not to waste every drop of fresh water. Most modern boats will have a shower system in the upper part of the stern. Remember to go there to simply shower and change and wash off the sea water after returning from a fun day. However, just rinse off, I have seen people on the boat actually start to apply shampoo, take out the soap to wash, it is really unsightly, if it happens to be seen by friends on the neighboring yachts, it is inevitable to give people a laughing stock for life, of course, the point is not to waste fresh water.

The last small problem that needs a little attention is the disposal of garbage. Many people who are very public-spirited on land will naturally throw their cigarette butts or leftover drinks into the sea once they are on the boat. This practice is also disrespectful to boat owners and themselves. It is important to mention that the toilet system of cruise ships is an extremely vulnerable part of the ship, most of them are different from the flushing system of land restrooms, generally using the principle of pumping empty design to suck away excrement. Once clogged, it can only be towed back to the shipyard for repair, so don't throw down hardware garbage or a lot of paper products to the yacht's toilet becomes very necessary.

A private boat is another villa at sea for the owner, so who would like a visitor who doesn't know how to behave? Have a great time at sea.

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