How do I moor my private yacht?

Nowadays, before buying a yacht, Chinese people have to consider what to do with the yacht after they own it. The mooring of yachts can be divided into two types: land mooring and water mooring, each with its own characteristics and advantages, and you can choose according to your needs. On-water mooring is mostly located in the yacht harbor or some of the better environment of the leisure fishing harbor in the boat seat berth

Land mooring for private yachts

On-water moorings are mostly located in the marinas or in some of the better recreational fishing harbors, while land moorings are on flat land or in the boat storage (three-dimensional boat storage), unless you have your own space for your boat, all moorings are paid for.

In Western countries land parking is the norm! In Europe and America, 80% of yachts are parked on land, especially small yachts under 7.5 meters are mostly parked in the yard of each house. 7.5 meters long yachts are legally allowed to be carried by yacht trailers in the streets and alleys of the land by the traffic regulations of western countries. In the United States, 90% of small yachts are owned by middle and lower class people, and most of these yachts are parked on land in parking lots, garages, vacant lots, boat storage, and even on the side of the street. Eighty percent of all yachts in the United States are kept on boat trailers. Most of the boat owners in the purchase of the yacht together with the yacht trailer to buy, and then towed home, parked in front of the house, or placed in the nearby parking lot, consumption and entertainment will be used to tow the boat to the water's edge to put in the sea, play is completed again with the yacht trailer towed back home to place.

The U.S. economy is developed, there is no difference between urban and rural areas, many middle-class people mostly live in the suburbs of the countryside, they have open space in front of the house, they buy the yacht are placed in the yard, usually will spend some time to take care of, such as cleaning, maintenance, upgrades, replacement parts, etc., some families will also build additional houses to specifically put the yacht. In the United States, the yacht trailer is an indispensable tool for yacht consumption. In the U.S. inventory of yachts, an average of 10 yachts will have eight or nine yacht trailers equipped, almost every yacht with a yacht trailer. Of course. For those large yachts over 80 feet, it is difficult to leave the water to park, but large yachts only account for about 2% of the total storage figures. All small and medium-sized yachts are inseparable from the boat trailer, an essential water sports aid.

Private yachts parked on the water

Generally speaking, sailboats and large yachts are moored at the water's edge in the yacht harbor, which is located in a natural harbor, or build a huge artificial wavelength barrier, similar to two copying arms, to block the wind and waves outside the breakwater. To protect the yacht in the harbor from the perennial wind and wave lapping. In the yacht harbor, people lay in the water surface with rows of floating box support floating dock, floating dock on both sides of the concrete reinforced piles fixed deep into the seabed, the tide will not affect the safety of the yacht. Yachts are docked on both sides of the floating dock, and water, electricity and oil pipelines are laid next to each boat berth (boat seat). There are usually one or two yacht clubs in the yacht harbor to manage the yachts in the harbor. The yachts use shore power and water during berthing, just like the daily life in a land villa. When the owner is working on land, the yacht club has a special boat boy to help the owner to take care of everything, including mooring, washing, oyster shoveling, cabin cleaning, floor maintenance, mechanical maintenance, bollard adjustment and security guards.

Join a yacht club

At present, there are few yacht harbors and limited berths in mainland China, so the rates are higher than those on land. If the boat is not large, we recommend that you can choose to place the boat depot, professional and perfect management and maintenance, is the most affordable choice; if it is a small family boat, either need to set up a special boat depot at home, with a yacht trailer or own car to carry the yacht back and forth between the residence and the use of the place; or pay the berthing fees (about 10,000 yuan / year) and maintenance costs to choose some fishing harbor parking. Family yacht, even in the land parking, but also to pay the cost of the cost of raising two or three cars. General calculations, an ordinary household new boat maintenance fees, cleaning fees, utilities and berthing fees in about 50,000 yuan, not including the repair costs in case of accidents. Of course, there are license fees, channel usage fees and so on. Land parking yacht, there is a yacht launch, landing the problem. If the yacht is parked in the harbor, this is not a problem. But if the owner wants to put the yacht on shore, he needs to use a slipway (ramp, towpath) or a crane (fixed boom) to get the boat into the water before he can go out to sea. A slipway is a vehicle that is used to put the boat underwater with the boat trailer and float the boat away; a crane can be used at the water's edge where there is no ramp to lift the boat and place it slowly on the water's surface. You can go down and come up, but you can also entrust the assistance of the boathouse steward.

Refueling and replenishment of the yacht. Generally, you can go to sea after filling up the fuel in the port and completing the routine inspection. There are no evenly distributed coastal refueling stations along the coast of China, so boat owners can only refuel at the highway stations. If you are using a gasoline engine, you will have to use a refueling truck. In some fishing ports, there are gas boats that go to and from the port to refuel. Of course, you can leave these annoying things to the boat boys or the boathouse stewards.

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