How to choose the right private luxury yacht for you

Regarding the choice of your own private yacht, the first thing to consider is the driving performance of this yacht, as well as the speed range, maximum range number and safety performance of the yacht. Also for the comfort of the private luxury yacht, the interior decoration, sound insulation and other effects are also an aspect to consider when buying a yacht. In fact, in general, the choice of a private luxury yacht is very similar to the choice of a car, according to their own needs, the purpose of use, navigation waters and personal preferences, to determine the general scope of the type of yacht.  

I. Purpose of use  

If it is mainly used for private vacation and leisure purposes, such as family gathering, friends gathering, sea entertainment, etc., you can consider medium-sized yachts, such as: Golden Fortune 36-foot flybridge type yacht is a good choice for you. With flybridge, can carry 12 members.  

Second, the sailing waters  

For different water driving conditions, the performance requirements of the corresponding private yacht are different. For example, the salinity of seawater is higher than that of freshwater, and the density is also higher, which involves the draft depth of the boat, the speed limit, and even the material construction and protection measures. In the inner lake waters, the choice of small yacht is more appropriate, because its draft is generally shallow, and speed can not be too fast, in the choice of engine, also do not need to choose a high horsepower engine. If the yacht is sailing at sea, then the choice of yacht should choose the saltwater series of yachts, in which the engine, propeller, and the design of the hull should be in line with the saltwater specifications parameters.  

Third, personal preference  

If you have a fervent pursuit of speed, you can choose a high-powered engine, if you love fishing, you can choose to install fish search radar and other devices, if you like to dive, like to play on different islands, beaches, you can consider leaving enough space to place subsidiary boats, jet skis, etc. when ordering. These are the reference factors that have a greater weight, because they will have a greater impact on the price of the yacht, as well as the hull arrangement, and therefore need to be considered.  

After focusing on the analysis of their own needs and purposes, you can choose the corresponding characteristics of the private yacht, here by the way, a brief introduction, Weihai Jin Yun Yacht Co. 

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