How to transport a private yacht?

The transportation and lifting of yachts is a very important part, and is also the most accident-prone part, and there are many big incidents, which should not be taken lightly.

Private yacht lifting

Foreign yachts are basically lifting using the davit machine, safe and convenient; domestic equipment and facilities due to backward, basically using a single point lifting method, the operation is difficult, the accident rate is high. If the conditions are limited, the use of small tonnage of two cranes are more likely to have problems.

At present, there are only three domestic manufacturing enterprises and three yacht clubs have professional davits.

The best way is to use the davit machine in both places (manufacturing place and using place), which is safe and convenient. But China basically does not have this condition, or does not have the condition of lifting large yachts.

In China, the lifting of yachts are generally used car crane, the largest use of 200 tons of car crane, lifting tools are generally used wide sling, lifting the way need to pay attention to the following points: 1.

1. the manufacturer or seller must be marked on the side of the yacht spreader position!

2. as far as possible to use large car crane, generally the maximum lifting weight is 3 to 5 times the weight of the yacht; require car crane with weight display and limit warning function.

3. the sling is only as wide as possible. Preferably use the same horizontal boom as the width of the boat; 4.

4. there can only be one conductor in the lifting process, never more than one.

5. one rope at the bow and one at the stern to control the inertia of the yacht in the air.

6. after launching, the sling should be withdrawn from the bow of the boat.

Private yacht transportation

Yacht transportation is also a common "headache" in the industry. If conditions permit, it is best to drive the yacht directly back to their own place of use. However, this is rarely the case, and we often have to use a car for transportation, or at least a section of it. Shipping is better than transporting by car.

During transportation, the yacht must be packed on the outside, with a net woven with ropes outside to pull the package in place.

On the highway in China, if the height exceeds 5m, it will be very difficult to pass. Generally, when transporting, two standard poles will be set up at the front of the car, at the same height as the yacht, so that the poles will play an early warning role when encountering bridges or culverts or tunnels, and will not touch the yacht; the height of the longitudinal beam of the transport vehicle should preferably be raised and lowered, and can be lowered to the ground if necessary.

China's yacht industry is gradually maturing, in which the lifting and transportation of yachts will also progress. Professional yacht service companies have also appeared all over China. There are many such yacht service companies abroad, helping buyers to accept yachts from imported big ships, transport back, unpacking, cleaning, installation and commissioning of a full set of services, and the charges are not high.

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