The safety knowledge that you must know when riding a yacht



It's time for another day of yachting ~ for the safety and happiness of your journey at sea, before you prepare to open the yacht at sea, to give you some safety advice, be sure to read carefully.

Safety instructions for yachting]
1. prohibit smoking in the marina and on the boat.
2. where suffering from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, infectious diseases, muscular paralysis, osteoporosis and other diseases affecting the safety of the boat and pregnant women and severe seasickness, please do not ride the boat, if the tourists conceal the above situation, the consequences of the accident occurred on board the boat.
3. Visitors must board the boat in a queue under the guidance of the staff, and should pay attention to safety on the sea-viewing platform and floating dock so as not to lose their footing and fall into the sea, and be careful when going up and down the steps of the approach bridge.
4. Elderly people over 60 years of age and children under 10 years of age should be accompanied by adults on board, and the approval of the captain must be obtained before going to sea.
5. Please listen carefully to the instructions given by the captain or other staff on board, including the itinerary, sea conditions and the use of safety facilities, etc., and wear a life jacket.
6. Please take care of your cell phone, camera, video camera and other valuables to avoid losing them or dropping them into the water.
7. During the course of the voyage, visitors should sit firmly and wear life jackets, and obey the captain or staff command, and report any discomfort to the captain in time.
8. when the speedboat is moving, it is strictly forbidden to play umbrella, take photos, photography and other behaviors that affect the safety of the speedboat and individuals.
9. Do not touch the instruments and instruments on the boat such as the bridge and do not operate the boat without permission.
10. In order to protect the marine environment and maintain the hygiene of the boat, it is strictly forbidden to dispose of garbage in the sea water or in the cabin of the boat.
11. Pets such as dogs and cats are strictly prohibited on board.
12. In the process of diving, fishing or swimming, visitors should strictly comply with the regulations or requirements of the captain or staff according to the prevailing situation and environment, and in general, they can only swim within 8 meters around the yacht.
13. Please do not leave your seat until the passenger boat is stable, and only leave the boat one after another under the command of the staff after it has stopped.
14. For those who do not comply with the above safety requirements or do not listen to the captain's instructions in the course of navigation and cause adverse consequences, visitors should be responsible for their own, resulting in the loss of the boat's property to be compensated according to the price.
15. all behavior on the boat must obey the captain or staff's command or with the captain's or staff's consent, if the behavior of the boat rider affects and endangers the normal navigation of the boat, the captain has the right to announce the return of the boat, the boat rider's fees will not be refunded.
16. In case of bad weather or emergency, the captain has the right to announce the return of the boat and the fees paid by the rider will be refunded according to the ride time.

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