The future of China's yachting industry will show 5 major development trends

At the China (Shanghai) International Boat Show Industry Summit held in Shanghai at the end of 2013, Faraday, Sanske, Beneteau, Jiahao Yachts, Red Double Happiness, Blue Ocean Yachts, Haihui Yachts, BaFuShi and other more than 20 well-known domestic and foreign yacht industry giants and industry experts to explore the development trend of China's yachting industry, analyze the prospects of China's yacht consumption market, they believe that the future of China's yachting industry will show 5 major They believe that the future of China's yachting industry will show five major development trends, and thus promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

This summit is organized by China Shipbuilding Industry Association Boat Branch, Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry Association and Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo, with the theme of "New Trend - New Concept - New Product - New Way to Play", which is also the theme of the 19th China International Boat & Technology Equipment Exhibition and China (Shanghai) International Boat Show. It is also the prelude to the "19th China International Boat and Technology Equipment Exhibition and China (Shanghai) International Boat Show". This year's boat show will be presented at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from April 10 to 13, 2013.

It is reported that in 2013, the total import and export amount of Chinese boats reached 470 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 25.7%, of which 250 million U.S. dollars were exported, an increase of 25.1%. At present, the worldwide boating market is still uncertain, while investors are always optimistic about the Chinese boating market for exports. Along with China's acquisition of famous Italian yacht brands, the domestic yacht industry chain, the wide spread of yacht culture and the increasing abundance of water activities, the Chinese yacht market will continue to improve.

At the summit, the participants believe that in the face of the changing market, the Chinese yachting industry will present five major development trends.

First, the structure of China's yachting industry is changing towards hierarchy and structure. That is, producers should follow the market demand and provide products of different standards, especially low- and mid-range and mass products. This is evident from the China International Boat and Technology Equipment Exhibition held in April 2013. At this exhibition, the number of small boats on display and sales were significantly increased, with the number of boats under 8 meters having a 43% increase compared to previous years, fully demonstrating that the audience's consumption of yachts has become more rational and mature.

Second, the speed of marina construction. In response to the introduction of China's marina norms and other laws and regulations, China's marinas need to change the single pattern of yacht clubs, high-end clubs, and actively embark on the construction of economic and practical docks and public docks.

Third, the yacht fuel green upgrade. With the increase in environmental and water protection, the clean technology, new materials, new structures and new concepts of yachts will lead the research and development of green yachts. In the future, boats with more energy-saving and environmentally friendly qualities will become the mainstream of mass consumption.

Fourth, the rise of official boats. In recent years, yacht technology, materials and accessories have been adopted by the official boat. The country has purchased a large number of official boats in the last two years, many equipment, technology, materials are using the leading technology related to yachts.

Fifth, to promote the training of yacht talent. The relative lack of yacht talents is the short board of the development of the domestic yacht industry, and has been paid attention to by the relevant departments of the state. in September 2013, China Shipbuilding Industry Association Boat Branch and Shandong Traffic College in Jinan, Shandong held a yacht talent conference, attracting the participation of more than 20 yacht companies. After that, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Maritime University and some other colleges have discussed with the yachting association and will carry out a series of activities around the training of yachting talents.

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