15% of the country's yacht clubs in Qingdao to build China's yacht center

On May 22, 2014, Qingdao City held a press conference for the 12th China International Marine Expo and Qingdao International Boat Show. As one of the key exhibitions supported and built by Qingdao, the 12th China International Marine Expo and China (Qingdao) International Boat Show is scheduled to be held at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center from May 30 to June 1, 2014. More than 100 Chinese and foreign enterprises and 100 famous brands of yachts and sailing boats have already registered to participate in the exhibition, and the number of visitors is expected to be 40,000.

Total exhibition area of 26,000 square meters

This reporter learned that the theme of this exhibition is "boosting blue economy and promoting industrial upgrading". The exhibition will continue to be a combination of land and water, with Gate 5 of the Olympic Sailing Center as the main entrance and the "Octagon Square" as the core exhibition area along the sea dock to the south. This year, more than 60% of the exhibition will be specially decorated on land, while the rest will be standard booths. In this way, the water berths of yachts, sailing display area, experience area and sailing competition area will echo with the land exhibition, achieving a perfect combination of movement and stillness, water and land.

From the area division, the use of the land area of the Olympic Sailing Center reaches 18,000 square meters, the water exhibition area of 8,000 square meters, the total exhibition area of 26,000 square meters. Foreign manufacturers and international famous boat brands exhibit more than 40% of the area. The number of visitors is expected to be 40,000 during the sail fair, including more than 20,000 professionals.

More than 100 manufacturers gathered together

Zhanliuyi, director of the Trade Promotion Center of Qingdao CCPIT, said that the fair will continue to highlight the theme of blue ocean economy, and hold a number of professional activities in boat industry, sailing and leisure, high-end tourism, creative design, economic and trade exchanges, etc. On the basis of relevant product display, by continuing to hold the "5th China Sailing Yacht Design Competition ", "world famous yacht brand special promotion meeting", sea experience and other activities, to build a professional platform for economic and trade exchanges between Chinese and foreign boat enterprises, and provide an ideal place for the public to experience sea leisure tourism.

So far, more than 100 Chinese and foreign enterprises, more than 100 well-known brands of yachts and sailing have registered to participate in the fair, including international high-end famous brands such as France Beneteau, Lanco, Arnold, Japan Honda, Yamaha, British Sanskrit, Princess, American Cheetah, Italy Azimut, Faraday, etc. With the development of the domestic yacht industry, there are also some domestic yacht enterprises to participate, such as Minhua Yachts, Jin Yun Yachts, Qingdao Far East Yachts, Qingdao Lanbo Yachts, Qingdao Haoran Yachts, etc., as well as yacht accessories companies such as Nerwick, Rongtai Wood, Susiqi, Suzhou Baisheng Power Machinery and other companies will also participate in the exhibition with their products, the exhibition will continue to maintain the industry status of China's largest combined land and water boat exhibition. The exhibition will continue to maintain its status as the largest combined boat show in China.

There will be test drive activities on site

"The Air Show is not a luxury show, but is positioned to develop the industry and boost the blue economy." War Liuyi said, the fair to cultivate people's awareness of marine leisure culture, will display some non-professional sailing and leisure boats for the public to choose. At the same time, the exhibition will also continue to hold the "014 'Fair Cup' T25 Trimaran Regatta" and test drive activities that the general public can register for, providing an opportunity for people to know and understand basic sailing knowledge and nautical products, so that Sailing and leisure boats enter ordinary families.

Qingdao cruise and yacht industry seeks to rise

"Qingdao is so beautiful, I wish I could live here!" The tourist who made this exclamation came from Xi'an, she was based in the Olympic Sailing Center, looking at the sails full of eyes and could not help but make an exclamation. This is a scene that the reporter saw during the interview yesterday. In April this year, Qingdao introduced the "Qingdao Cruise Yacht Economic Development Plan", which pointed out the direction for the future development of the cruise yacht industry in Qingdao. This year's fair is held, but also for the cruise yacht industry to play a "strong needle". During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, Qingdao will become the "emerging cruise yacht resort center in Northeast Asia".

Account for 6% of the national yacht manufacturing output

After the 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition, driven by the Olympic effect, Qingdao's yacht industry has made great development, and the yacht economy has reached the advanced level in China.

In the view of He Xiaoyan, deputy director of Qingdao Trade Promotion Commission, this is also riding on the east wind of the international yacht industry transfer trend. "Yachts are the mainstream sports and leisure tools in developed countries, and are known as the next 'consumer gold mine' after cars. After the international financial crisis, the international yacht industry has shown a trend of accelerated transfer from Europe and the United States to Asia and China." He Xiaoyan said, for example, the world's top five Italian Azimut yacht company has begun to seek business cooperation in Qingdao.

Figures show that there are 20 yacht manufacturing enterprises in Qingdao, with an output value of 300 million yuan in 2011, accounting for about 6 percent of the total output value of yacht manufacturing in China. According to the plan, one yacht manufacturing enterprise with output value over 1 billion yuan and four with output value over 500 million yuan will be formed in 2015, and the total output value of yacht manufacturing industry will reach 4 billion yuan.

"We are developing and manufacturing large yachts over 50 feet, which is the future direction of development." Zhao Jiashi, chairman of Qingdao Anox Thomson Yacht Company, said. By 2015, build a first-class R & D design platform, break through a number of key technologies, independent innovation capacity significantly improved; by 2020, become a well-known domestic and international yacht R & D design center.

Qingdao yacht club nearly 30

Driving on the golden coastline of Qingdao, a beautiful and finely carved yacht club as if a pearl, become the best interpretation of Qingdao's marine charm: Silver Sea Yacht Club, Qingdao International Yacht Club, Tangdao Bay Yacht Club, Haiquan Bay Yacht Club ......

Figures show that at present, Qingdao has nearly 30 yacht clubs of various types, accounting for 15% of the country, and the larger Qingdao Silversea International Yacht Club and Qingdao International Yacht Club are built with independent docks, water, electricity, oil supply and catering, accommodation, entertainment, fitness and other ancillary service facilities first-class, enjoying a high reputation in the industry, attracting well-known domestic and foreign yacht business agents to settle in the brand. Tangdao Bay, Haizhuan Bay and other large yacht club projects are accelerating construction. The number of enterprises engaged in marine tourism has reached 16, with 133 ships. By 2015, Qingdao's domestic first-class yacht clubs strive to reach five, with total sales revenue reaching 2.5 billion yuan, becoming China's yacht business and service center.

"The settlement of a large number of first-class yacht clubs will enhance the level of Qingdao's yacht service industry and improve the upstream and downstream industries, from which yacht manufacturing enterprises will also benefit." Qingdao blue wave yacht solution manager said.

Create a "sea tourism" business card

When it comes to the yacht industry, most people have the impression that it is high class and irrelevant to the general consumers. But in fact, on the contrary, the offshore cruise tourism and even the most initial seaside motorboat are part of the sea tourism. In the future, Qingdao City will highlight the development of "offshore cruise tourism" and do a full article of Qingdao sea tourism.

In this regard, Qingdao Yinhai Group Chairman Xin Hualong believes that, although Qingdao sea tourism industry started early, but the level of infrastructure construction is low, small and scattered tourism enterprises, enterprises operating low grade boats, operating routes short, single project, business management is not standardized and other issues are very prominent. "How to make full use of the advantages of marine resources, accelerate the development of marine tourism industry, cultivate marine advantage industry is a prominent issue." He said.

In the future, Qingdao City will take comprehensive ports, coastal tourist areas, resort areas, etc. as the basis, reasonably develop offshore island groups and island chains, scientifically plan and build offshore tourism facilities, guide the upgrading of offshore cruise ships, develop diversified cruise tourism products, and form Qingdao offshore cruise tourism network system. By 2015, the offshore tour boats will receive 6 million visitors, and the direct economic contribution will reach 800 million yuan, becoming a famous domestic marine leisure tourism resort center. (Reporter Liu Wenjian)

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