2016 China (Yantai) International Fishing Tackle, Boating and Outdoor Products Expo concluded successfully

The 2016 China (Yantai) International Fishing Tackle, Boat & Outdoor Products Expo came to an end in the afternoon of April 18 at Yantai International Expo Center.

A total of 386 manufacturers from domestic and foreign boats, fishing tackle, outdoor products and other fields were exhibited at this exhibition. The JY260 and JY210 fishing boats exhibited by Golden Fortune Yachts attracted the attention of sea fishing enthusiasts with different needs, especially the JY260 sport and leisure fishing boat was highly evaluated by the visitors.




During the exhibition, at the invitation of the organizing committee, Golden Fortune Yachts was also interviewed by Xinhua and Four Seas Fishing Channel, interacting with the majority of sea fishing players and making a more in-depth analysis of yachts.




With the improvement of living standards, the diversified development of fishing methods, the rise of fishing trips to the sea, the demand for outdoor and boating by anglers is increasing day by day. The exhibition has brought the general public closer to yachts and let more people understand the industry and the development trend of yachts. The three-day exhibition left both sides of the trade and the exhibition wanting more, and we look forward to the next exhibition with more excitement to meet you.

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