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2022/10/19 13:33

Now with the development of economy and the improvement of life quality, fishing boats began to gradually enter people's life. Among them, high-speed recreational sea fishing boats are more popular. Follow Jinyun Yacht to learn about the specific advantages of high-speed recreational sea fishing boats.

1. The body weight of high-speed recreational fishing boats remains unchanged:

Especially for work, business, fishing and other frequent use of the boat, the boat body weight will not increase, which is a high speed recreational fishing boat can not achieve the advantages, thus greatly reduced from the use of the cost.

2. Quick repair:

The hull of high-speed recreational fishing boat can be easily and quickly recovered after collision. The quality of the repaired hull is the same as that of the new hull, and the advantages of quick repair of the hull of the high-speed recreational fishing boat are particularly obvious.

3, light weight, fast speed:

The hull weight of the high-speed recreational fishing boat is much lighter than that of the fiberglass hull and steel hull. The high-speed recreational fishing boat will not affect the net load of the hull. The reduced weight of the hull has greatly improved the speed and fuel economy of the boat.

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