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The future will be an era of global competition, and successful companies will be companies that adopt new corporate culture and new cultural marketing strategies

— Lawrence Miller

Core Values





It fully reflects the will of the enterprise and is recognized by the employees as the core value concept and behavioral logic of the enterprise standard. It is the action guide covering all aspects and business plates of the enterprise and the foundation of the enterprise.

Core Values


The concentrated embodiment of the core values of an enterprise is the enterprise confidence and cultural confidence built in the process of enterprise operation, the concentrated unity of the enterprise will, the common survival and prosperity of common development, and the high degree of consistency and unity of the enterprise will and staff ethics. Employees have the direction, the enterprise has the development, belongs to their own enterprise character and cultural ecology.

The cognition under the humanistic background of an enterprise is the result that gathers the common interests of employees, the top-level design of the enterprise's strategic goals, the criterion that integrates into the daily behavior of the enterprise, the supplement and extension that keep pace with The Times in the process of enterprise dynamic management, the escort driving force for enterprise development, the guarantee for the realization of enterprise short -, medium - and long-term strategy, and the driving force and source of enterprise forward.


Corporate Philosophy

Goldluck spirit: The pursuit of excellence, unremitting self-improvement, strive for excellence

Goldluck Style: open, inclusive and transcendent

Management philosophy: Never slack off

Marketing concept: Fight to win

Innovation idea: Never ending

Design concept: To meet the individual needs of customers

Quality concept: 10000-1=0