Details of the 2020 professional cruise fishing sea fishing boat

Professional fishing and sea fishing boat is a light sea boat made of fiberglass fiber and resin mixture. By imitating the self-draining design of sea boat design, the FRP boat which is originally made of lighter material can be used in the sea. The water line and V-shaped keel at the bottom of the boat play the role of keeping the boat running normally and increasing the stability when the wind and waves are big in the sea.

The professional swimming fishing sea fishing boat is made of synthetic resin as the matrix and glass fiber as the reinforcing material compound. It has the strength similar to steel, superior performance of water resistance and corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance of the surface like a mirror, and the feature of overall molding.

Compared with steel and wooden boat, sea fishing boat has the feature of less maintenance, which is determined by the superior performance of FRP itself. In addition to machines, equipment, etc. according to the regular maintenance, professional fishing sea fishing boat maintenance work points are as follows.

1. Avoid contact with sharp, hard objects. Sea fishing boat hull and shore stones, concrete structures, metal components abrasion collision will produce scrapes and other damage, should take protective measures. Such as in often subject to friction of the bow, against the dock parts and the side of the metal and rubber fender material, wear-resistant rubber, plastic soft material on the deck.

2. Find damage and repair in time. Check the hull frequently, if you find resin flaking, deep scratches and exposed fiber, you must repair it in time, otherwise the damage will be accelerated due to water infiltration.

3. When not in use, especially in the winter season, be placed ashore. Because the FRP has certain water absorption, water can gradually penetrate into the interior along the tiny channels of the interface between glass fiber and resin and make the FRP strength gradually decrease.

Size parameters of Shandong professional fishing boat

B 430, length 4.3m, width 1.6m, height 0.9m, weight 190kg.

B 530, length 5.3m, width 1.7m, height 0.9m, weight 300kg

B 580, length 5.8 m, width 1.8 m, height 0.9 m, weight 350 kg

B 630, length 6.3m, width 1.9m, height 1.0m, weight 400kg

The production process of professional swimming fishing sea fishing boat

The production adopts grinding tool to turn the mold, multi-layer fiber coating, and the surface coating of gel coat to ensure the smooth paint surface of the hull. The sea fishing boat has the advantages of small density, large specific strength, easy to shape, smooth surface, small water absorption, low thermal conductivity, seawater corrosion resistance, not being insects, easy maintenance and repair, etc.

The characteristics of Shandong professional fishing boat

The stable center and center of gravity of Shandong professional fishing boat are far away, the recovery moment is large, the stability is good, and the navigational undulation, recovery and safety are good in big wind and waves. Recent scientific and technological development and Chinese and foreign experience prove that FRP fishing boats have many advantages that wooden fishing boats do not have, especially in the performance of various aspects such as displacement, speed, horsepower depletion and formability, which are not comparable to wooden fishing boats.

Compared with inland FRP fishing boats, sea fishing boats enhance the height of the hull itself, the pointed bottom keel provides the hull's wave breaking ability when driving in wind and waves, and the triangular bottom structure ensures the stability of the hull when driving. FRP fishing boats have advantages that wooden boats cannot match.

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