How to change the lubricant of the engine of the outboard of the professional fishing sea fishing boat?

Professional fishing sea fishing boat engine throughout the use of external external machine, these hosts in the usual use, in a certain maintenance period need to replace the engine lubricating oil. Here will make an introduction to the engine oil replacement methods.

1, to turn over the bottom of the external engine of Shandong professional fishing boat oil release piston, in order to very good faster oil leakage, together with the oil injection hole will also turn over to enhance the aeration. Use close to an hour to put the used oil leak clean inside.

2, and so on the used oil leak, and then the oil leak empty close well, and then open the top of the host oil tank cover, carefully inject the oil lubricating oil into the tank, in the refueling time to pay attention to the tank above the scale line, pay attention not too full, do not exceed the yellow warning line.

3, in the professional fishing sea fishing boat engine running for a period of time, about a few hours, check the oil capacity of the oil tank, because just add good oil may have air inside, so after working for a period of time basically air will be excluded, should be reduced, so the appropriate add oil is normal.

The advantages of professional swimming fishing sea fishing boat.

1、High preservation rate: aluminum alloy material as a metal material can be reused repeatedly.

2、Durability and long service life: the effective service life of aluminum alloy boats is 10 times that of FRP as stipulated by ship inspection.

3、Strong impact resistance: the impact resistance of aluminum alloy hull is stronger than that of FRP boat. This will be more and more obvious with the growth of the ship's service life. Aluminum alloy material has great advantages in impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

4、Self-weight of the hull of Shandong professional fishing boat remains unchanged: especially for the frequently used boats such as work, business and fishing, the self-weight of the boat will not increase, which is an unrivaled advantage of FRP boat, so that the cost from the use is greatly reduced.

5、Quick repair: Aluminum alloy hull can be easily and quickly repaired after the collision. The quality of the repaired hull is the same as the quality of the new hull, and the advantages of the quick repair of the aluminum alloy hull are especially obvious.

6、Light weight and fast speed: The weight of aluminum alloy hull is much lighter than FRP hull and steel hull, but the strength is very good and will not affect the net load of the hull. The reduction of hull weight makes the speed of the boat and the fuel economy greatly improved.

7、Personalized customization: the professional swimming and sea fishing boat is convenient to weld and can be personalized according to customers' requirements.

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