What should I prepare before going to sea on a professional fishing boat?

Safety rules for professional fishing boats at sea.

1. Smoking is prohibited at the pier and in the cabin of the sailboat.

2. Do not take the boat if you are suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, infectious diseases, pregnant women and serious seasickness, if you conceal the above situation, you will be responsible for the consequences if you have an accident on board.

3. you must board the boat under the guidance of the staff, pay attention to safety on the floating pier, and be careful when going up and down the steps of the approach bridge to avoid losing your footing and falling into the sea.

4. elderly people over 60 years old and children under 10 years old should be accompanied by adults on the boat and be responsible for the supervision of the elderly and children.

5. Please take care of your own cell phone, camera, camera and other valuables to avoid losing them or falling into the water.

6. In the course of professional fishing and sea fishing boat, you should sit firmly and firmly, and obey the captain or staff command, if you are not feeling well, you should report to the captain in time.

7. In order to protect the marine environment and maintain the hygiene of the professional fishing boat, it is strictly forbidden to throw garbage in the sea water and the cabin of the boat.

8. Pets such as dogs and cats are strictly forbidden to be brought on board the sailboat.

9. In the process of diving, fishing or swimming, you should strictly comply with the rules or requirements of the captain or staff according to the situation and environment, and prohibit dangerous behavior such as diving.

10. If you do not comply with the above safety requirements or do not follow the captain's instructions in the course of sailing and cause adverse consequences, you shall be responsible for the damage caused to the boat's property and shall pay compensation according to the price.

11、If the behavior of tourists affects or endangers the normal sailing of the sailboat and dissuasion is ineffective, the captain has the right to announce the return of the boat and the fees paid by the passengers will not be refunded.

12, at sea, some people are prone to seasickness, prevention methods usually have a few points: adequate rest before going to sea with a good state of mind when going to sea; 30 minutes in advance to paste seasickness stickers or eat seasickness medicine; on board try not to stay in the cabin or closed space, generally stay in a wide field of vision, smooth ventilation; look at the distant mountains or small islands, apply anthritis, etc.

Shandong professional fishing boat: dress code suggestions

1, hat: quick-drying fabric sun hat, generally a set of hat circumference and sunscreen mask in one sun hat, is conducive to preventing sunburn on the neck and face.

2, glasses: polarized glasses, wear a protective tape, so as not to fall into the sea.

3, top: clothing color to bright, comfortable and lightweight, quick-drying breathable, try to wear long sleeves to avoid arm sunburn; after the autumn can bring some warm clothing to withstand the sea wind, waterproof and windproof better.

4, pants: comfortable fit, quick-drying and breathable, try to avoid tight pants, to facilitate free movement.

5, shoes: non-slip white rubber soles, will not step on the beautiful deck dirty.

6, sunscreen: the necessary items before going to sea, face, arms, neck, etc., all parts of the body exposed to the sun, pay attention to the application of sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet rays, to avoid sunburn.

7, carry-on items: try to reduce the carry-on items at sea, after swimming fishing boat will place their belongings in the appropriate location on board, such as conditions can be equipped with special waterproof storage bags to place carry-on items, cell phones and other electronic products to always pay attention to avoid falling due to the bumps and tilts of the ship.

Shandong professional fishing boat: professional fishing sea fishing boat will often keep tilt or suddenly unpredictable tilt, especially beginners have not been used to the activities in the tilted boat, remember for your "own" sake, "one hand for themselves, one hand for the boat", instantly when there One hand can help you to stand firm by holding on to the stringers, roof bars, or any kind of fixtures on the boat. Walk with your body slightly bent over to keep your weight down and be careful not to hit the crossbar or let it hit you.

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