How to maintain the outboard of domestic fiberglass fishing boat?

If you have a domestic fiberglass fishing boat of your own, but also because it is not often used, so that we need to maintain the main engine on the fiberglass fishing boat, the specific maintenance methods are as follows.

1. Clean the exterior of the engine with clean water and flush the cooling water system thoroughly. Let the water drain completely. Wipe off all surface water with an oily rag.

2、Drain all the fuel from the fuel line, carburetor and fuel plug and clean the parts including the screen inside the fuel plug.

3、Disassemble the carburetor, remove all the dust inside and clean it with gasoline and compressed air.

4、Remove the spark plug and fill it with engine oil or rust inhibitor for storage through the spark plug. Pull the recoil starter handle several times to circulate the oil to the internal parts.

5、Apply lubricating grease to the propeller shaft.

6、Change the gear oil in the gear box.

7、Apply grease to all sliding parts, bolts and nuts.

8、Wipe off all water and salt from the electrical parts with a dry rag.

Precautions for riding domestic fiberglass fishing boats

With the acceleration of the pace of life, urban hustle and bustle and strong work pressure sometimes make the whole person breathless, many people often choose to take a fiberglass fishing boat to the sea to relax and enjoy the leisurely good time at sea. But take the fiberglass fishing boat is not the same as the car, need to pay attention to some matters, what are these matters?

1, to prevent the odor

Some strange odors such as fishing boat engine smoke smell, the smell of fish at sea may cause seasickness when riding. So if you are afraid of odor and simple seasickness, you should try to prevent the direct smell of these odors.

2、No smoking

Many people smoke to reduce psychological anxiety, but smoking on the fishing boat not only can not reduce the psychological irritation, but also make you more disgusted, so in order to prevent seasickness, if you are a smoker, you should try not to smoke on the fishing boat, if you do not smoke, you should leave the smoking area early.

3、Ensure fresh air

In the cabin of the fishing boat for a long time will feel some stuffy, then you can go to the deck to inhale fresh air, blowing sea breeze, let yourself feel comfortable and happy, which is very effective in preventing seasickness.

4, can not drink too much

Many people like to drink together on board, but too much drinking will reduce the ability to deal with the environment around us, and even make people seasick and vomiting, so in the journey, if you want to drink, you must control the amount, do not drink too much.

5、Ensure enough sleep

The long journey will certainly bring physical fatigue, when you feel a little tired and exhausted, there is no harm to sleep for a moment, sleep can help a person to refresh.

6, do not read books when the domestic fiberglass fishing boat fluctuation

When reading a book when the boat is shaking, the word collar will shake and even jump, if the eyes are staring at these small words shaking, will occur fainting feeling, serious people will be seasick and vomiting, so you should try to prevent reading a book at this time.

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